The days leading up to the MCAT are equally important. Getting lost in the sea of flash cards for organic chemistry and physics is common. However it is also important to decide what to wear to the MCAT.  If you’re going to take the new MCAT, which will debut in 2015, you’ll be taking the exam for over 6 long and stressful hours; you might as well dress for success, right!  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts on what to wear for your MCAT.

DO: Dress Comfortably

As I said before, you’ll be sitting in the same position for over six hours, so it’s important to be comfortable.  The last thing you want to be doing is fidgeting around in your seat while you’re trying to figure out how fast a ball is falling from the sky or drawing a complex organic structure. Don’t hesitate to dress comfortably! Look at it this way; after you score well on every section with flying colors, you’ve taken the first step to dressing in style for the rest of your career as a medical professional.

DON’T: Dress Provocatively

The last thing you should do when attending your MCAT is to dress in a way that isn’t allowed in school itself.  Wearing revealing clothing will most likely lead to you not even being allowed to take the exam due to the distraction you may cause others! If you’ve already put in countless hours studying in hopes of pursuing such a prestigious career, why hamper your ability to succeed by dressing like you’re going out to a social event? Not only does it put you at risk to not being able to take the exam, but it also doesn’t allow you to be in the right mindset: focused and ready.

DO: Dress For the Weather

You’re not taking your MCAT outside; however if Mother Nature decides it’s monsoon season on your big day, it’s probably a good idea to take proper precautions so that you aren’t uncomfortably dripping during the exam. However, it is important to note that the AAMC states that if a person is wearing an overcoat, hats, or scarves they will be asked to take it off during your exam.

DON’T:  Wear Uncomfortable Footwear

Another key item of clothing is your footwear. Unlike other exams you may have taken in school, you are not allowed to remove your shoes or sandals during the exam. It is vital that you figure out what will allow you to be the most comfortable during the test.

 Other Important Notes

The AAMC states several rules that may be very helpful for those who will be taking the MCAT soon.   Some important ones to note are:  you will be asked to turn your pockets inside out to show they are empty and if your clothing has a hood, you may not be able to cover your head at any point during the exam.  However, you will be able to bring earplugs if this allows you to perform more effectively.