Still waiting for a specific season or reason to come along for you to get into shape or even start exercising? Tell me if this sounds like you. My schedule is too hectic. I do not have the time. I’m just not motivated. I cannot afford to join a gym. I cannot afford a personal trainer. I will do it later. I am not fat, so I do not need to workout. Or the best one yet, I will get started next week. The truth is when it comes to getting into shape a lot of us are very unaware, uneducated when it comes to our health, wellness, and fitness levels and how important they are to us and how we can maintain and improve them. The other truth is that a big number of us are just lazy.

To most of us there is no value in our health, wellness, and fitness. We would rather buy a big screen TV, expensive shoes,  handbags, watches, cars, etc. My question to you is, what good are these things if you never get a chance to flaunt, wear, or enjoy  them because you are always injured or always sick? Did you know that 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise, 4-5 times a week could help to reduce body fat, stress levels, injuries, blood pressure, and lower cholesterol, as well as, increase lean muscle mass, improve blood circulation, flexibility, stamina, strength, cardiovascular output, self-esteem, and confidence? It will improve your health,  wellness, and fitness levels, which means enhancing your life. Now that we’ve addressed the benefits of working out, I guess it’s safe to say you’ll begin doing what you know is right so that you’ll longer, live stronger, live productive, and enjoy every minute of it.

So if you are a parent who works, make time for yourself and your health because I’m sure your kids will love to enjoy you as long  as possible. If you are a college student or busy exec, make time for yourself and your health. I do not think improvement in your  stamina will hurt you grades or hurt your business. If you are none of the above, just stay fit, because being unfit just isn’t cool. Need I say more. So as soon as you finish reading this article, find out about your fitness center. For those who are not   knowledgeable about their health, wellness, and fitness levels, and how to improve them, hire a personal trainer, that’s what they’re there for. And for those of you that can’t afford a personal trainer (yeah I’m talking to all you students out there) check out next month’s issue where I will list and illustrate some easy moves to get you in shape for Spring Break.