Premed students who are juniors at Hamilton College now have the chance to apply early to the University of Rochester Medical School.

The Early Assurance Program is designed to allow premed undergraduates offer a great deal of flexibility for students to not only explore other areas of interest during their undergraduate years, but also does not require them to begin medical school  immediately after graduation.

Students who are accepted to the program also have the option to defer their enrollment and pursue other avenues such as completing a fellowship, conducting research, or taking time to pursue other interests. And while students accepted to the program are not required to take the MCAT, which is required by the majority of medical schools in the U.S., the school assures that standards for acceptance into medical school through the program is still competitive.

“There are no ‘back door’ entrances to medical school,” said Leslie North, health professions advisor in the press release announcing the program. “The mean GPA for those admitted to all U.S. medical school last year was 3.69, and Rochester is a highly rated medical school.”

The Early Assurance Program supports the school’s strong beliefs and values related to future physicians gaining real-world experience. “Hamilton’s participation in the Early Assurance Program reflects the collective commitment to creating a generation of well-rounded, driven and compassionate doctors.”