What’s Phi Delta Epsilon?

“Phi Delta Epsilon is a professional international medicial fraternity that allows you to be further connected with other students within your school who are interested in medicine. The Phi Delta Epsilon New York Alpha Chapter is a pre-medical fraternity that consists of a group of individuals representing a variety of diverse backgrounds and personalities. The members of Phi Delta Epsilon learn the importance of working together to gain insight into the practice of medicine by participating in group discussions with medical school students and practicing physicians. Various fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations are an important way for the members to increase their awareness of community needs. The fraternity also offers networking opportunities with practicing physicians as a way for individuals to gain hands-on experience in a field of medicine that interests them. Phi Delta Epsilon is a unique and positive experience for pre-medical students that promote fellowship, equality and unity. Phi Delta Epsilon believes in philanthropy, deity, equity & education. The main motto of the organization is also facta non verba, Deeds Not Words.” (phidebing.org)

Why choose Phi Delta Epsilon compared to other fraternities on campus?

Phi Delta Epsilon is not a typical fraternity.  The members of this fraternity deeply care for each other and for the education that you are receiving at Binghamton University. Phi Delta Epsilon members offer tutoring sessions for more courses than just the medical school requirements and members are always preparing for exams together. I am a new member of this prestigious organization and I can honestly say I’m enjoying it due to the fact that I’ve gotten to make new friends who I would never have met had it not been for this fraternity. The events and activities that are held by the group bring members even closer. There hasn’t been a moment that I didn’t enjoy the company of Phi Delta Epsilon members.

What opportunities are opened up from joining Phi Delta Epsilon?

Phi Delta Epsilon has a very large network of alumni who have gone through the process of applying to professional schools and are available if you have any questions or need any advice on studying for the MCAT or applying to medical school. Recently Phi Delta Epsilon had a recent panel discussion during “Alumni Weekend”. Graduated Phi Delta Epsilon members who are enrolled in MD, DO, DDS, PA, and PT programs came to speak about their experiences. Another advantage of Phi Delta Epsilon has been advice from upperclassmen in terms of which courses to take to maximize my time at Binghamton University.

Those who are interesting medicine should definitely join Phi Delta Epsilon. There’s no better way to make new friends who have the same common goal that you do. For more information, you can visit the Binghamton University chapter’s website (http://phidebing.org) or contact the President, Michelle Bernshteyn who is also the CEO/Editor-in-Chief of this website!

Reference: http://phidebing.org/