People always think that the rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, more popularly known just as Drake, sings mainly about wealth, fame, and past relationships. While many women and men are able to relate to him due to this lyric content, pre-medical students can also easily find verses that accurately depict our rigorous lifestyle.  

Song: “Show Me A Good Time”

“I live for the nights I can’t remember/With the people I won’t forget.”

Definitely a relatable lyric if you think about those late nights that you pulled studying for everyone’s favorite prerequisite class, organic chemistry. And, if you studied with friends, your bond with them on hating organic chemistry (or love if this was your forte) is probably just as strong as the hydrogen bond.

Song: “Headlines”

“Tuck my napkin in my shirt cause I’m just mobbing like that.”  

Let’s face it, how many people can easily state facts about the double helix of DNA and the nucleotide bases in casual conversation? Not many, and that makes us pre-med students fascinating! Let’s be proud of our science background; we are just as unique as the codon sequences in our bodies, and we are definitely “mobbing” just as much as Drake.

Song: “Karaoke”

“I know they say the first love is the sweetest/But that first cut is the deepest.”

That first non-passing grade you ever got on that genetics exam really made you question your true love for science. However, we live and we learn, and there are bumps in the road for every relationship!  

Song: “Successful”  

“I want it all/That’s why I strive for it/…I know what’s coming I just hope that I’m alive for it.”

Drake was definitely talking about his desire to become a physician here, not fame and wealth as the song may imply. Keep studying hard and work towards that MD or DO! And don’t forget to use a Drake song like this one to help motivate you along the way.