With an integrated search engine that discriminates volunteer activities by topic, duration, and date, UCLA’s volunteer website allows students to connect with opportunities in the Greater Los Angeles Area and beyond.

Sample volunteer events include:

  • Feeding the Homeless of Skid Row gives students insight into urban poverty and hunger.
  • Literacy Intervention Tutors work with children from low-income families, studentsvolunteer once or twice a week in 45 minute increments at local elementary schools.
  • Volunteering in Conservation and Agroecology in Ecuador, though a sizable undertaking, allows students take environmental science classes in a Spanish speaking setting.


Updated on a daily basis, the website provides a pathway for professors from various science backgrounds to recruit student researchers. Research projects posted to the website range from evolutionary biology to neuroscience to orthopedics.


With over 900 clubs at UCLA, the sheer amount of opportunities can seem overwhelming for a premed. OrgSync lets students search clubs through keywords such as “tutor” or “medicine” and then disce rn the differences between clubs that share common interests.


Every pre-medicine student knows how important a strong GPA is in the medical school admissions process. Bruinwalk.com, a professor rating website, guides students towards enthusiastic and knowledgeable professors and steers them away from those who have been rated poorly.


Freshman, sophomores, and juniors should familiarize themselves the Medical College Admissions Test website hosted by AAMC, the Association of American Medical Colleges. The website provides practice tests and invaluable advice. When you are ready to take the MCAT, log onto this website to register.