Of course, we all know that finals can be very stressful. There’s the stress of working to receive a good mark, maintaining a high GPA, and earning the best grades. And after all that finals, pre-med students rush to start job shadowing or working at a hospital. In the midst of it all, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and destress from work and freshly finished finals. Here are some suggestions for what to do during winter break:

Spend the Whole Day Outside

In today’s Era of being on our phones 24/7 and going on Netflix the second you have some time, it is easy to forget that just taking a walk through your neighborhood can give you some breathing room. While you are out, why not explore your city or hometown. You could even go shopping and find great deals on holiday gifts for those that mean the most.

Read a book

Yes, this is pretty cliche, but it’s always relaxing to sit in a comfy corner in your house and indulge in a book written by your favorite author. There’s even a ton of good books that you could probably read in a day such as: The Great Gatsby by Scott F. Fitzgerald or A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

Spend time with Friends and Family

Winter break is a nice way to catch up with those you haven’t seen since the start of the school year. And it’s a great time to make plans to hang out, go to the movies, or just drive around. Especially during the holidays, it could be enjoyable to catch up with people that you haven’t spent the last few months with.

Make Something

Whether it’s a gift for a friend or the latest DIY project from Pinterest , there’s always room for creativity. And don’t just stick to tangible objects, you can always cook food! Why not test out those college cooking skills and whip something up in a working kitchen with real ingredients!


Especially for premed students, it’s rewarding to help those in need during the holidays. There are always opportunities to help in your local soup kitchen or at a homeless shelter. You could even donate clothes, shoes and/or canned goods. Or, for a college budget friendly idea, go buy some dollar menu sandwiches from Mc D’s and drive around handing them out to those in need .

Work Out

Staying in shape during the holidays might be hard given all of the great food, so working out can be a simple but effective way to release endorphins and get your body working and moving. You don’t need to run everyday. A few crunches here and there or jumping jacks or even walking can be great for health.