Ask anyone across the country what are some of the best medical schools are. I bet the majority will respond with Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and so on. While all these medical schools rank, according to start class medical school rankings, within the top 10, there are some hidden gems to be uncovered. The rankings are based on tuition, medical MCAT score, Median incoming GPA, and acceptance rate. Harvard is ranked number one while charging incoming students $53,581 per year. The average MCAT is a 37; however, it is worth it to note that this number is based off the old MCAT. The average incoming GPA is a 3.93 out of 4.00. Its acceptance rate is a staggering 2.3%. The average number of students enrolled is 700.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, ranked 41,located in New York, New York not only ties Harvard with an average MCAT score of 37, but is also about $10,000 cheaper. It more difficult to land a spot in Icahn School of Medicine’s incoming class than it is to be accepted into Harvard’s incoming class. This school may not be in the most desirable location, but for someone who wants to have clinical experience from day one this might just be the school for you.

Not far behind Icahn School of Medicine and ranked number 45 is Albert Einstein College of Medicine, which is located in Bronx, New York. This medical school boasts an average MCAT score of 33. But don’t let that fool you. The school has a very selective acceptance rate of 2.2%. If you are torn between wanting an M.D. degree or a Ph. D degree, this schools offers a Medical Scientist Training Program which upon completion results in both degrees.

Coming in at rank number 50, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, located in beautiful WinstonSalem, North Carolina, offers a much smaller student body, about 450 students, compared to the previously mentioned schools, which each have about 700 students. This school is also about $10,000 cheaper than Harvard, and has a very selective acceptance rate of 1.6%. This school is located in a bustling city, filled with opportunities a school located in a nonmetropolitan area might not offer.

If you search a little lower on the list, you’ll find UT Houston School of Medicine. This school has a competitive average MCAT score of 33. But its slightly higher acceptance rate of 5.5% make it a school to be considered if you are not content with your resume. If that doesn’t speak to you, then you might want to consider changing residence to Texas. This school, located in the large city of Houston Texas, offers its instate residence an affordable tuition of $15,096. This school also offers 5 dual degree programs, including a M.D./Ph. D. and a M.D./ MBA program.

When looking at which medical schools to apply to and which ones are a good fit for you don’t forget to look past the numbers. Look at the location and what degrees the school offers. Evaluate your own scores and see where you fall within a particular school’s average. Look past the name of the school. Make sure you find a school that will give YOU the best education.