If you think that doing well in your coursework and getting a good score on the MCAT is enough to get in to medical school, I would think again.  Admission into medical school is not dependent on good grades and test scores as everyone may think.  Extracurricular activities, leadership and involvement on campus plays a major role in the admission process as well.  Showing that you are intellectually capable of dealing with medical school courses is not enough.  You have to display your personality, your passion and your interests as well through other non-medical related endeavors.

Medical schools love to see who you are as a person and what you are interested in. Apart from shadowing a physician and conducting research, the admissions board would like to see what your other interests are.  Every single college campus takes pride in the organizations that is available for undergraduate students to join.  These organizations ranges from SGA, to the Chess Team, to joining Greek Life, to a Sewing Club, etc.  There are a plethora of organizations and there will always be something out there for everyone.  Please take advantage of these resources and take part in something that you are passionate about.  However, choose only a few and remain committed to them for as long as you possibly can.  Medical schools love to see students who are involved in a certain organization for a long period of time.  This means that these students are intrigued and unwavering in their commitment to organization.   Also, you are allowing yourself to learn more about your fellow peers and learn more about yourself as well.  A plus to this is that being a part of an organization for a long period of time allows you to take part in a leadership position as well.

A leadership position can mean a large number of things.  You do not have to be president of an organization in order to gain a leadership position.  Being a leader means that you contribute to the overall initiative  and well being of an organization, that can either mean being a committee leader, planning service projects, working with other organizations, etc.  As long as the mission of the organization is being achieve, then every single member is considered to be a leader.

Being a involved on campus, whether is it through extracurricular activities or leadership, is a rewarding experience.  You are able to make a difference on your campus community and learn more about yourself as a person.  I highly recommend students to get involved as soon as they possibly can.  Even though it is somewhat required for medical school, this is something that you should have fun with and enjoy doing.