As pre-med students, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the expectations medical schools have for us. With that being said, over the course of our undergraduate careers, life sometimes gets in the way, and some of these expectations may not be achieved. However, there is no reason to panic! What matters most is your desire to become a physician. One thing that can help boost your chances of getting that ever so prized ticket into med school is a Master’s Degree!

Commonly, students who are simply wishing for a second chance pursue master’s degrees in subjects such as biology, biomedical sciences or public health. These programs are often viewed as a second chance for a student to prove that his or her GPA can meet medical school standards. The length of these programs varies and master’s programs are commonly are “linked” with medical schools, which is a major benefit. Often times, these programs offer 1 on 1 counseling for each student so that they remain on the right path as well as MCAT prep classes, if a student wishes to retake their MCAT, in order to obtain a more competitive score.

However, all of these courses can be quite expensive and not all of them are the same quality. If one is interested in pursuing a master’s degree, it is important to do as much research as possible and see what type of connection a program has with a particular medical school. In fact, Loyola University Chicago itself offers a M.A. in their Medical Sciences program, which has seen 90-95% of its graduates go to medical school! Not only does it have a very successful track of medical school acceptance, but also the program itself promises an ever so valuable medical school interview to its affiliated medical school – Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine. The guidelines to receive this interview include; a GPA of 3.5 or higher while in the program and an MCAT score of 30 or higher on their most recent test.

Need a fresh start to help you achieve your dream? A Master’s Program may be for you.