The journey of a prospective medical school student is a marathon. The process of preparing, applying and getting into Medical School is daunting. It requires a tremendous amount of hard work, intellect and time. With increasing competition to be accepted to medical school, students pursuing this career path face more stress and pressure than ever before. For those that hope to evade some of the stress of applying to medical school, there are certain universities that offer an Early Assurance Program. These programs offer many benefits, including exemption from the MCAT, an early interview, and possible acceptance into medical school by the end of junior year. Knox College is an example of a school that provides the aforementioned program. Knox College partners with The George Washington University School of Medicine.

We talked to Shelly Bhanot about the George Washington Early Assurance Program. Shelly is a Knox Alumni who completed the George Washington Program and is now a second year medical student at George Washington University School of Medicine. When asked if applying was a good decision, Shelly states, “ Yes, one hundred thousand times YES! This program has opened so many doors for me professionally.”

There is no major disadvantage when applying for the George Washington University Medical Program, but it provide many positives. Here’s what she said:

On the positives of the program

“Acceptance into the program assured me a path towards medical school. This saved me much of the hassle that comes with the traditional competitive process. I was able to become more involved with other campus programs like Best Buddies and PreHealth Club event planning. I also had the opportunity to further delve into my Gender and Women’s Studies minor.”

On likes and dislikes of the program

“Frankly, there is not anything to complain about in terms of the program. The best aspects of the program included the fact that, aside from maintaining some academic requirements during my junior and senior years, I was able to pursue many non musical interests.” This lead Shelly being able to pursue a true liberal arts education.

On her current experience at GWU compared to other traditional applicants

“My experience is excellent. It is a high quality education at a prestigious institution in the heart of the country! My experience is exactly identical to that of traditional applicants we are all just medical students in the same classroom in the end.”

The GWU Program prepares the students well for the program. Shelley says that she “was more than prepared. The required classes for the program nicely supplemented my medical school education. Also, being able to explore nonmusical interests has made me a well-rounded medical student. There are still many students who go to medical school right after undergraduate schooling. I don’t feel different or disadvantaged in any way.”

No less prepared than the typical student, Early Assurance Program students are able to pursue their dream career while completing courses other students may not have time to participate in.