The moment I made the decision to attend UCSB as a freshman pursuing a pre-med track, simultaneous feelings of anticipation and anxiety continuously crept into my stream of consciousness. What have I gotten into? After all, pre-med track is unequivocally one of the most competitive and stressful goals one can pursue. However, these emotions are normal and once you are able to control them, you need to organize your thoughts and plan for your preparatory program. Do not let the anticipation or expectation of work, tests, competitions, MCAT, medical school application process, and all the myriad of activities you have to do paralyze you.  I decided to stay focus and actively searched for research opportunities which I thought would have been the most difficulty experience to obtain.  Fortunately, I was selected into the UCSB SIMS research internship during the summer which helped develop my research skills and definitely expanded my network for UCSB students and faculty.  Because of my internship, I constantly received information regarding different opportunities and other research opportunities.  So one opportunity leads to many others.  I also contacted many meaningful organizations and the officers were all very responsive.  However, you must take the initiative and search for your interested activities.  Don’t be afraid to venture into new areas and activities. UCSB has a myriad of opportunities that can prepare you well for medical school application.  Take charge, be proactive, and plan for a memorable and challenging 4 or more years of your life.