Dr. Nina Shapiro describes how multifaceted her profession is and the many outlets though which she is able to make a difference.
I am a Pediatric Otolaryngologist and Professor of Head and Neck Surgery at UCLA. My specialty is a very exciting one. It is a wonderful combination of medicine and surgery, whereby we spend time with patients and families in the clinic setting, and do surgeries usually one to two days per week. My subspecialty, pediatric otolaryngology focuses solely on ear, nose, and throat disorders in children. The most common problems I see relates to chronic ear infections, sleep apnea, and congenital airway problems in children. Many of my patients are quite healthy, aside from their particular ailment, while some are quite chronically ill. The specialty work enables me to really make a difference in kids’ lives. I also do clinical research; some is based on the clinical work I do, and some is based on large US population databases. I’m always happy to talk with any student interested in medicine.