As all premed students at Loyola know, having a successful undergraduate experience plays a pivotal role in getting accepted into medical school. Although much of the work relies on individual excellence and perseverance, the professors at Loyola act as crucial players on the road to becoming a physician. Whether they aid you in writing letters of recommendations or acting as a mentor, the professors that we have at this university allow us to expand our knowledge beyond the classroom and into real life situations, such as applying to medical school. Especially in the multitude of science classes included in the curriculum, the professors are passionate about the material they lecture on and are willing to share their knowledge with their students. Building a relationship with them will not only further enlighten you on all different aspects of science, but it can also inspire you to carry on that passion into your own experiences.

Speaking from personal experience, they can also provide you with the opportunity to work on research with them, which is quickly becoming an unofficial necessity to have on your med school application. This gives you the opportunity to work diligently on a certain topic and also show strong work ethic. Plus, most professors offer interesting research opportunities that premed students love to get involved in. Working on research with your professors allows you to learn a vast amount of information that you would have never had the chance to learn about in the classroom.

I would offer one piece of advice to fellow premed students at Loyola: take the time and get to know your professors; although they may not hold they absolute key to your medical school admission, they will be there for you every step of the way. They will help you get that acceptance letter in the mail after your four-year journey at Loyola is over.