There’s no doubting that Loyola offers fantastic resources for its pre-med students in hopes of promoting success in undergrad to achieve the goal of getting into medical school. Below is a list of 5 resources that every pre med Loyola student should use to their advantage!

Chicago Hospital Volunteer List:

The Pre Health Office here at Loyola is an excellent resource that provides many outlets to help undergrad students going into the medical field. As many of you know, volunteering is an essential component of your med school app; it provides hands-on experience in a hospital setting with the chance of involving yourself in a clinical atmosphere.  The PH office has compiled a list of hospitals in the Chicago area with volunteer programs; check out the list here!


No matter what year you are, it’s never a bad idea to start getting familiarizing yourself with the MCAT. The AAMC website offers a comprehensive look on what the MCAT includes, the changes to the 2015 test, registration, and even what you can do now to start preparing.

Pre Health Award

The PH office offers an award worth $2,500 each to five students at Loyola who are enrolled full time in the College of Arts and Sciences. The point of this award is to alleviate some financial responsibility in hopes that the student will use the award to approach other opportunities that will allow them to heighten their chances of getting into a health professional school. Find the application here:

Am I On The Right Path?

Beginning freshman year, pre med students are constantly worried about completing everything during their tenure in undergrad in hopes of becoming an attractive candidate for medical school. However, uncertainty about the proper steps to take can be frustrating and confusing. Luckily, the AAMC has provided an easy to follow, simplistic guide; check to see if you’re on the right path here:

5)   Pre Health ListServ

One of the many invaluable resources that Loyola offers to its students lies in the myriad of opportunities that the city of Chicago provides. The Pre Health office has an automated email system that lets pre med students know of exciting research, internship, and seminar opportunities that are offered all over the city (and even abroad!) NOTE: Even if you have previously been subscribed to this list, the PH office reset the ListServ on September 15th! Register/reregister for it here if you haven’t already done so: