With the first batch of the new MCAT being launched this month, pre-medicine students will finally have a better idea of exactly how it will be and the finalized format. For students currently studying for it, it can be a daunting task considering the lesser amount of materials available than for the old MCAT, namely practice passages just containing biochemistry, psychology, or sociology. Don’t let this intimidate you, however, since there are enough study materials out there now for you to effectively get enough practice!

There are a variety of sources for full-lengths that test-takers can use, and when compiled together, will give more than enough practice for the actual exam. AAMC has a free online diagnostic full-length, which will be the best representative of the actual exam. Another company with full exams is Gold Standard; they have two full-lengths available ($20 per exam), and plan on releasing three more on May 1st.

Princeton Review is another well-known company offering preparatory materials, but they are also selling 11 stand-alone full-lengths to the general public ($38 an exam). However, if you buy even one of the Princeton Review books ($30 a book), if you register it online you receive three full-lengths in addition.

The AAMC is guaranteed one of the best resources for practice questions, and they are selling MCAT question packs for the different sections, with 720 questions total ($72 for the bundle). This online bundle pack is a must-have for anyone taking the new exam, as it will be most indicative of the new MCAT.

The last well-known resource for various passages is Khan Academy. They have released over 200 free passages online, with varying quality. These passages will be extremely useful as additional practice passages.

My final advice is that for people who have materials from the old MCAT, do not disregard them as useless. While the format has changed significantly, the basic content, such as biology, physics, and chemistry, have not. If you have old passages from The Berkeley Review, the Kaplan Books, or others, use them. The more practice you can obtain, the better off you will be. Best of luck to you test-takers!