Pre-med students desire careers in medicine for various reasons. Many students could be driven by the desire to help people. Ultimately, one could argue that any career would accomplish this task. However, what physicians provide their patients is unique, for they have capability to better or even save lives. It is not unusual physicians’ often cater their services to people across the globe with limited access to healthcare. From doctors without borders to AmeriCares, there are many humanitarian medical aid organizations. Among those organizations is the Syrian American Medical Society.

The Syrian American Medical Society is a foundation devoted towards what most aspiring physicians desire, which is to save lives, by working towards ensuring a more sustainable future for all, through medical relief. The foundation’s goal is to channel the skills of healthcare professionals towards providing medical aid for the people of Syria.[1]

The UN has deemed the crisis in Syria the, “greatest humanitarian crisis of modern history,”. The conflict has resulted in nearly 200,000 people killed, including 8803 children under the 18.[2]

There are 10.8 million people in need of assistance inside Syria and nearly 6.4 million total internally displaced persons. Due to the dire circumstances, the medical need in that region is tremendous. [3]

Consequently, the Syrian American Society has been working in medical facilities they have established both inside Syria as well as in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. They’ve established 25 hospitals, 17 facilities, and numerous trauma centers. They also provide medical supplies and medical trainings for local Syrian healthcare professionals. [4]

SAMS has volunteers that range from pre-health students to physicians who have been practicing for decades. This organization is a consequence to immediate concerns in today’s society regarding the Syrian crisis.