Oliver Sacks, Jacob M. Appel, Michael Chrichton and Khaled Housseini are my spirit guides.

Some of us chose medicine because of a life long dream and some of us were pushed by our family. In the words of Kite Runner author Dr. Khaled Housseini: medicine is “a happy arranged marriage of sorts”. Some of us (myself included) have doctors within our immediate family and following his shadow’s footprints is my road.

But then again, there are a thousand reasons to choose this path in life.
Some had a tragedy in the family – a good friend of mine developed Central Pain Syndrome, a rare Neurological disorder in which he feels global pain everywhere and in ever joint 24/7. For a more accurate description, imagine all your pain receptors activating at random times of the day, the whole day, until you expire.

But perhaps many like me have never questioned the reason why we ever actually chose medicine, or rather whether our reason for choosing medicine was noble to start with.

Many surgeons I encountered likened being a doctor to being something like a priest. You give your life and being to it. But there are also some of us who entered the field with our sights aimed at financial stability or other reasons.

When we stare our friends on the operating table, my good friend who suffers laceration, a car crash and volcanic sulfur daily. Our reasons will be at the back of our heads and we will question ourselves at that point.

Do we deserve this road ahead of us? Can we look at a suffering patient and keep our reasons behind us and operate with full conviction?

Can a scalpel dissect our reasons? Can a shadow tell you where to go? Why do we do what we do?

Because we are human. We act on an ideal and we want to see it to the end.
We as human beings will make a decision and then we will justify it. But that’s alright!

Do you want to be a doctor? Do you want to help?

No, the question is, are you ready?