As a pre-health student at Loyola It’s definitely not an easy road. The stress from classes, studying, and doing all of your extracurricular activities will definitely push you to your breaking point frequently.  You know it’s going to be worth it in the end, but for now, don’t let that stress get to you. Know how to relax and de-stress properly, you’re going to need it!

Work Out

All students on campus can rejoice now that the new Halas Sports Center is finally open! If you are paying for tuition, you are paying for this facility, so make use of it. Even if it is just for a half an hour, go lift weights, play basketball, or run on the treadmill to ease your stress. Everyone benefits from exercise for our physical health, but did you know how beneficial it is for our mental health as well? Nicole Riccardi, from Points Sport Health, states: “Besides leaving you feeling energized and refreshed, exercise improves attention, speed of processing, and the ability to perform cognitive tasks. The connection between exercise,  a higher mental processes of memory and the ability to juggle different tasks as the same time increases.” If you are extremely stressed while studying for your classes and exams, do not skimp on a workout if you had it planned for that day. Make it shorter if need be, but even a small amount of exercise will greatly benefit you.

The Perk of Lakeshore Campus

My number one way to distress is to take advantage of the fantastic Lake Michigan. I don’t mean just sitting in one of the comfortable chairs in the IC and staring at the lake while remaining indoors; actually go to the beach or to the rocks nearby. I found my own personal rock my freshman year, which is where I go when life becomes too hectic and I need to de-stress. Being left alone with just your thoughts can be relaxing, and it’s a great way to calm yourself down. It doesn’t have to be a rock, but find a place where you can just sit and relax, preferably in an area where you can watch the waves!

Get Involved in Something You Love

There are multitude of student organizations on campus, be sure to join an organization where you can release your frustration in the form of passion. If you love basketball, join the intramural basketball team; or, if you are a Harry Potter fan, join the Quidditch team. Mehul Shah (class of 2016), a Biology and Psychology double major, states, “I de-stress by singing with my Asian acapella team LUC: Raag. I love to sing and I love to hang out with my fellow members on the team, it’s just an added bonus that I get to stay involved on campus this way as well.” Find your passion and stick to it. This will give you something to look forward to even on your most stressful days.