Telling family about your life choices

The pre-med life doesn’t start the day you step into your college science lecture hall. It starts the moment you tell family at your graduation party. You’re pumped to be going to college and the rest of the world is a blob.

Your first science class in college

You knew chemistry was boring and hard, but you didn’t realize it was THIS boring and THIS hard. AND it’s at 8 am in the morning! Who wants to start classes at 8 am anyways?! Why are there so many slides? No cool videos? Why is 75% of the midterm based on a slide the professor spent 20 seconds explaining?

Hanging out with non pre-med majors…

Your friends are humanities majors. You think that all homework loads are the same in college, and you spend time playing games and watching movies. If they’re not doing their homework now, then why should you, right?

….and realizing that you have more homework than your friends

WRONG. You have way more studying to do than they. They write papers while you try to explain the entire sympathetic nervous system to the class while writing a 4-page essay about it. Oh, the horror.

Just wanting to drop out and go home

You’ve reached the breaking point. :This is too difficult”, you think. Were you really expecting to call your parents at 2 in the morning and try to explain all the reasons why you fail at life and this college thing? Me neither. I mean, you’re too old for that right? NOPE. I need you, mommy!

Thinking about switching majors

A lot of your friends came in saying that they want to be pre-med. Five weeks in, many of them make the switch. *Gasp* You think of switching too. *GASP* Who wants to go through with a GPA less than a 3.2? (Pre-med students, that’s who). But, the tiny voice in the back of your head reminds you of your goals and tells you suck it up. So, what do you do? You let that encouraging voice control your whole life (a little scary, I know).

The First Midterm

You’ve dreaded tests for years but nothing could prepare you for this. Science midterms in college. You sit in the classroom trying to figure out how many points you need to pass this class with a C. Well, if all else fails, withdrawing from your required premed class is an option right? *sighs*

Passing the class

Who cares that you were sobbing uncontrollably over the phone for 2 hours on end? Or the fact that you look like a walking mess in sweatpants and a hoodie with 2 hours of sleep? You rose up to the challenge and worked through blood and literal tears. The end result? You passed the class! You and your new friends can now stick together and battle through another three years. At least you’re not alone!