PreMed Life isn’t the easiest. There are long, lonely nights studying when your friends are all either partying or fast asleep. There are stressful interviews and extended application processes and thought of looming loans in the very near future.  For many students, the best way to get through a long night of studying is to create a great playlist to accompany them into the wee hours of the morning. While calm coffee shop music or stellar movie soundtracks are typically the best choices to accompany hours of studying, sometimes a mid-study dance break is needed. For those moments, the popping tunes of Beyonce are probably more appropriate. Fortunately, this star’s music (and life) can also offer a bit of inspiration for premeds (so you can have your study-break dance parties guilt-free).

It’s Okay To Go Alone

Although she initially rose to fame with the pop group Destiny’s Child, Beyonce was one to branch off on her own at an opportune time point. While all members of the initial group definitely achieved stardom, Beyonce arguably has had the most overall career success,
largely because she did choose to actively pursue a busy solo career for herself. As any premed student knows, the number of students who state that they’re “premed” during their freshman (and even sophomore) years of undergrad are significantly higher than the number of
students who end up applying to medical schools, and the number of students who actually get accepted into medical programs are even lower than that. While you obviously would love for all of your best friends from your classes to successfully earn their MDs alongside you, the reality is that that probably won’t happen. Take a lesson from Beyonce and feel bold enough to continue on the pathway to your dreams, even when others might choose to pursue other options. Or, in her own words,

Cuz I realized I got
Me myself and I
That’s all I got in the end
That’s what I found out
And it ain’t no need to cry
I took a vow that from now on
I’m gonna be my own best friend”

“If You Like It…”

…then you better take definitive actions. While Beyonce’s catchy hit song chides men who failed to make a timely commitment to their former girlfriends, the underlying lesson from her lyrics can easily be applied to premed dreams as well. If you really like the idea of being a doctor, then you better be taking definite steps to reach that goal. Premed classes aren’t easy, the interviewing process isn’t cheap, and spending your summer doing research while your friends are relaxing in Cabo is about as appealing as watching paint dry. However, all these things shouldn’t deter the devoted premed student. Take Beyonce’s advice and commit yourself to your career goals, even when other options look more exciting sometimes.

Diversify Your Interests

Even though it’s obviously important to stay devoted to your career goals, Beyonce offers premeds another lesson on the importance of diversifying interests. Specifically, the singer isn’t just a singer. She has also let her creativity spill over into the fashion industry and has her own fragrance line as well. Medical school (and premed studying) is very academically strenuous and can make you feel like you need to devote all of your time to just studying, since good grades are typically the primary key to success during the classroom years. However, doing so will make you suffer in other areas of your life. Take the wiser (and healthier) approach to matters and choose to try to make time both for your studies and for your overall health as well. This might mean making time to workout, planning a break to enjoy a healthy meal, or even scheduling leisure reading time during a few hours over your weekend. Academic success is important, but choosing to focus solely on your studies won’t help you be a good doctor in the long run. Or, in the words of Miss B, be sure plan some time for good dancing/exercise in the midst of all your studying:

A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody
While you all standin’ on the wall…”