Medical school fairs are always tough because you want to make a good impression and you also want to get a good idea of what the school is like. There are a couple of things to remember before you attend a medical school fair:

If you like a medical school, be sure to make an impression.

You are probably thinking, well, that is easier said than done. Yes, that is true but with a little bit of preparation you can be better prepared for your next Medical School Fair. So, if there is a program that you are looking at and really think that it is for you, make sure you look into that program and have a list of specific questions to ask about the program to the program director.

Most people that stop by each booth will not have questions prepared, they will just think of questions right on the spot. It is easy to determine if someone has thought about a question and then the program director will be more likely to remember you.

The icing on the cake after a really good discussion about the program is if the person you are speaking to gives you his/her business card, email them with a follow up question and thank them for their time. The number of people that actually do this last step is so few that a Program Director will definitely remember you if you email him/her but do not go overboard with emails. The program director will definitely remember you and remember your enthusiasm for the school when it comes time for reviewing your application.

Make sure to answer why you are interested in the school.

Tons of medical students walk by a booth for different medical schools during a fair and your job is to find a way to stand out. A Program Director most likely will not directly ask you why you are interested because they like to save that question for interviews. So why not get a step ahead and have that answer prepared for some of your top schools and find a way to include that in your conversation with a program director? This will be a great way to connect with the program director and will be a great way to continue your conversation.

Write your full name on a tag

For those of us with unique names, we do not necessarily need a last name to remind Program Directors who we are. But there are many more of us whose first names are shared by others so always put your full name on the name tag because you do not know what part of your name the program director you speak to will remember.