Being a premed in the digital age definitely has its advantages. Instead of relying on old pamphlets and brochures from medical schools, premeds now can enjoy the convenience of learning about their top choice medical schools online. Instead of being limited by their own living locations, premeds today can be easily inspired and influenced by physicians all over the world, thanks to online blogs and email communications. Because the internet really has changed the game of the entire premed process (including offering the convenience of online applications), there are definitely a few websites that every premed should bookmark. While often considered a cliché website for premeds to dutifully bookmark, definitely has earned its reputation for helpfulness based on solid evidence. Specifically, this free-to-access website can be very helpful for curious premeds who are looking for advice from their peers/peer mentors.’s forums are perfect for students asking specific questions about specific schools, including inquiries about possible interview questions that have been used at certain schools in past years. Other sections deal more with advice for the medical application process, and this advice can definitely be helpful as well.

At the same time, however, it is important for anyone using to remember that the population represented on the website’s forums is definitely not fully indicative of the entire medical school population/medical school application pool at large. Instead, the advice and thoughts from the people on this website might really only represent a small percentage of total applicants/students overall. Use this website to seek out answers to specific questions you may have about schools, but don’t use it to actively compare yourself to other applicants for your desired schools. The idea of medical school courses is an understandably daunting one to any premed, and among these courses, anatomy definitely has earned a reputation for being particularly difficult. Fortunately, premeds (and anyone else) can benefit from, a website that is basically a free 3D guide through the human body. Although this website may seem to load a bit slowly on some older computers (or some slower internet speeds), it’s definitely one worth bookmarking. Even if it’s a site that you only have time to explore the summer prior to enrolling in medical school, it’s still definitely a site that will prove extremely beneficial during those late nights of studying the details of anatomy.

A source of inspiration: Finally, although an often neglected “website” on the list of ones that premeds should bookmark, this last one really can make an enormous difference in the life of a premed. Staying inspired through the long nights and frustrations of premed courses and the medical school application process can be significantly easier if you stay constantly reminded of what your goal future could look like. This last bookmark might best be used on a reputable medical and science news website (like BBC’s “Health” section) or on the personal blog of a doctor/group of doctors who you might find inspirational. For instance, female students might turn to a blog by current female doctors, and anyone interested in medical missions or working abroad might benefit from reading the blog of a SIM or Doctors Without Borders/MSF physician.