Answer the following questions based on the following scale:

1 = very true              2= true                   3 = neutral         4 = false      5=completely false

  1. You enjoy learning.
  2. You only enjoy learning about specific topics in medicine.
  3. You knew you wanted to be a physician since the moment you started walking.
  4. You love shadowing different physicians.
  5. You cannot imagine your life without medicine.

Now count up the number of points based on the way that you answered your questions.

As you read these questions you may be thinking well there is no way that I am ready to be a medical student. That is a completely normal feeling to experience because if I tried to answer these questions prior to starting medical school, the test would have told me that I am nowhere close to even being ready. The point of this test is not to scare you but instead to tell you that these types of tests do not really tell you much about anything. We all remember the quizzes in magazines that we would take that would tell us about our personality and whatever else. The quizzes in magazines and this test are not an accurate way to measure if you are ready. There is no way to be ready for medical school although you may be convinced otherwise. You start med school and are thrown into a stampede and at first that stampede is going super fast and it is hard to keep up but after a while you get used to the pace and wonder why the rest of the world is also not going at the same pace as you. There is nothing you can do to prepare for the stampede except mentally getting yourself prepared.

As residency is getting closer and closer for me I myself am getting anxious and wondering if I am ready. However, everyone that I ask says there is no way to prepare yourself for Residency. The only thing that helps to calm me down is reminding myself that I felt this same way 4 years ago before I was starting medical school. We all feel anxious and nervous prior to starting something new but as we get older, the stakes start being raised and this causes more anxiety. Medical school will be a long journey but you should know that Medicine itself is a long journey. If you feel that the amount of time you will commit to medicine scares you then you are one of the many thousands of people who are in Medicine who felt the same way at one point in time.

The only way to really prepare for Medical School is to have a lot of fun before you start and just prepare yourself for working hard, learning a lot, and not having as much free time as you used to. Having an open mind will also allow you to fully experience all that Medicine has to offer. No test will tell you if you are ready. The only sure way to know is by throwing yourself into medical school and hoping for the best.