1. I would not have to wonder when the next time would be that I get a whole weekend off and not just one day off every 7 days. All of my non Physician friends have real lives on the weekends whereas I just use my one day off to recover by lying on my sofa with the TV on acting like I am making use of my day off.
  2. Actually be on time for dinner plans. This always happens but whenever I make plans to meet anyone for dinner, it is always the day when I get stuck doing something for a patient later than I anticipated. Most people outside of Medicine know exactly when they will be “clocking out” and can make plans accordingly. I know for the most part around what time I will get done but you never know what will need to be done before you go home.
  3. Eating protein bars for meals. My days can get so busy and it is so easy to rely on my pockets full of protein bars to get me through the day until dinner time. Eating a protein bar instead of taking time to eat breakfast means that I get to sleep an extra 10-15 minutes in the morning which is a no brainer. And working through lunch by stuffing a bar in my mouth means that I can leave that much earlier at the end of the day.
  4. I would not have the most awesome job in the world. In what other field can you say that you save people’s lives the way that you do in Medicine? Sure firefighters, emergency personal, police officers, etc save people’s lives daily but for me Medicine is in a category of its own.
  5. I would be unhappy because although Medicine is rigorous and requires more of me than I thought possible, it is one of the most rewarding things I could possibly do and would never want to change it, except sometimes (or maybe all of the time) I wish that I had more time off.

Your life could be different in so many ways had you not decided to pursue a career in Medicine but can you honestly imagine a life without Medicine? If you cannot imagine a life without Medicine, then keep pushing through, you can do this!