Taking the MCAT is a pretty stressful event and just the thought of it makes me nervous all over again. I remember getting really anxious especially the days leading up to the test and what helped my morning remain stress-free are the following:

Have Someone Call To Make Your You Are Awake

There is always that random chance that you don’t program the correct time on your phone and this could cause you to wake up late or even past the time of the test. It is always a great idea to have one or two people know that you need to be up at a certain time and for them to call you if you don’t text them to let them know you are up. And make sure to pick someone reliable for this…. preferably not someone who is really bad at waking themselves up. This will help you sleep easier at night also because you will go to bed knowing that you will be waking up at the right time. Waking up late will only make you stressed during the morning of the exam and you want to make sure you take no stress with you into the exam.

Do Something Relaxing The Night Before

If you are able to read a book, get some exercise, bake, or do anything that helps calm you down, this will help you sleep well the night before and wake up well-rested and ready to take the MCAT.

Watch What You Eat The Night Before

You don’t want to go out and try a new restaurant or even new food because of the small chance that your stomach does not agree with the food. You really don’t want to be up the entire night throwing up or vomiting and wondering if you should push back your test.

Plan To Have A Good Cup Of Coffee

Now I am in no way advocating that you need caffeine before your test. What I mean is, have your breakfast planned the night before and treat yourself to something that makes you happy. I really enjoy a good cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts so I told myself that I would stop by Dunkin’ on my way to the exam. This way, when I woke up in the morning, I was distracted by my excitement for a delicious cup of coffee. Having something small to look forward to like a cup of coffee, breakfast pastry, or even a piece of dessert can help you stay calm but also remain focused. Also, a great way to continue to remain focused during exams is to bring along some of your favorite snacks. This way the breaks you take are energizing and will help set you up for the next section of the test.

Focus On Your Strengths

It is very easy right before the test to focus on all of the topics that you are not good at or were not able to study as much. Spending time thinking about your weaknesses will take away from your confidence. So I would recommend making a short list of topics you are awesome at and write them down somewhere. In the morning if you start feeling stressed, just take a look at the list of topics you are great at.