This is probably a given. The person who knows their talents and isn’t afraid to make you aware of it. You know a lot about their accomplishments but you don’t remember ever asking. It might be easy to avoid this person if you can, as they’re exhausting to be around. They probably have a career path, which has been set in stone since they were 2.


You have a presentation or an assignment. The day arrives and everyone wishes each other luck. You mention how ill prepared you are and everyone does the same. It may or may not become a competition to see who has done the least. Until the moment arrives and they then go on to give a TEDx level presentation and you’re left choking on their dust.


I always wonder why people have to pretend that they’re doing less work than they actually are. Another example is someone who lets you know that they’re off home. They’ve had a long day and they throw a yawn in for good measure. You go back to the ward because you have a few things to finish off and there they are, happily working away.


The one who seems to know everything and in such detail, you wonder where they’re storing all of this information. Surely, they must have three hemispheres and not just two. How is it possible to know so much?


The ones who don’t attend as much as they’re supposed to. These people can be split into two groups. They ‘re either a genius like the above and go on to ace every exam and test or unfortunately they either drop out or get kicked out.


On the other end of the spectrum you have the students who go above and beyond to attend everything. All the seminars/lectures even extra ones that are sign ups. This type of student is not playing around.


Finally, you have the medical student who lives on the edge. Their behavior is borderline offensive and they’ve become quite a notorious member of the year. There are always whisperings about things they’ve done or said, all of which will be inappropriate. They’ve had a few meetings with the medical school and everything seems a bit touch and go in regards to them graduating. You can’t help but feel sorry for their future victims patients medical school is a funny mix of personalities, it’s what makes the long years of studying more entertaining. It might be annoying sometimes but it’s all part of the process of being a medic. There’s always a feeling of camaraderie with medical students because at the end of the day, we all want the same thing.

This article was published in the July/August 2016 Digital Edition.