You never feel prepared.

Ever. Even when you know everything and understand everything, you never feel prepared. It is impossible to feel good about your preparation for exam.

No one feels like they aced an exam.

Actually most of the time it feels like you failed. And you are freaked out about failing until the very last moment before you open up your exam score. Sometimes even if you see a big PASS, you blink a couple of times to check if it is real.

Even when you think you did amazing…

or studied everything, you still see only a pass. No high pass or honors.
Your family and friends try really hard to understand your life…

but a lot of times they just do not get it. They do not understand why you have to study ALL of the time and cannot come home to hang out with them.

You are broke.

Contrary to common belief you do not make a lot of money and cannot pay for expensive things.

You are not a doctor yet but…

everyone and their mom will ask you about a mole or weird skin rash. You will be asked about your opinion even if you have no idea. And even more so, you cannot write anyone a prescription even though people around you not in Medicine will think you can write a prescription.

You thought it would get better after you finish medical school.

Two words for you: HAHA NOT. The struggle is real and only gets better after you finish Residency and start working a real job*. * Unless you decide to do a fellowship in which case I respond with two words again: HAHA NOT.

Your first paycheck will not be for a while.

Your current income is made up of leftover loan money if you had any. If you did not have any money that it is being directly deposited into your account by your parents.

You cry more than you thought was possible.

Not just because medical school can suck but some of the rare happy moments make you sad because you do not know when they will happen again.

You are counting down until fourth year when the status quo returns to normal.

You will have a real life again. You will be a real person again. And then you will start Residency and who knows what will happen.