The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) conducted a Twitter chat to discuss all things MCAT2015. If you weren’t able to follow along, don’t worry. We’re bringing you the highlights now! Scroll down to see nine things we learned about MCAT2015 from the makers of the test. To see the whole conversation, check out the hashtag, #askMCAT.

1. The MCAT is a popular test.

More than 80,000 people sit for the MCAT every year.

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2. The proof is in the MCAT2015 score percentages.

Medical school admissions will be using percentage rankings to help apply meaning to scores.

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3. There are tons of free review questions available.

Yes, Salman Khan has done it again. The Khan Academy covers all the content of the new MCAT. There are 800 videos & 1,000 review questions.


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4. The new MCAT is here to stay (for a while at least).

The old test was 5th version; 2015 will be the 6th. Plans are to keep this version of test for 15yrs.

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5. The new MCAT keeps pace with changing times.

Natural sciences sections of new exam reflect recent changes in medical education.

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6. What’s on MCAT2015 is important for medical school.

New exam captures what medical faculty, students, and residents rated as most important for student to know on day one of medical school.

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7. New rules for habitual MCAT test-takers.

The AAMC implemented a new policy on how many times you can take the MCAT. The MCAT exam can be taken up to 7 times in a lifetime.

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8. Early birds will catch the MCAT gift card worm.

You’ll get a gift card worth 50% of your reg fee if you take the exam in April as recognition for being first.

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