“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

You may not believe it, but, Albert Einstein was quoted above. The reason why I challenge you to refer to your imagination is because it’s one of the most powerful tools that everyone is able to possess and utilize (even the greatest logical thinker of our time believes so). Imagination does not discriminate or choose its owner, making it one of the most beautiful concepts that we’ve been gifted with. As a Pre-Med student, you will face trials and tribulations. You don’t need an A in organic chemistry to know that. But, to make use of your full potential, using your imagination could lead you to places you never imagined you’d be.

Some days, you tell yourself you’ll study at your school library and actually succeed in doing so. However, the opposite is also true, where the feelings of sluggishness and exhaustion seem to poison you unexpectedly. If you find yourself dreading studying time, that is completely okay. Things get hectic and there will be days when your body is not up to par for the extreme studying you plan on doing. During these times, however, is the time when imagination plays its biggest role. I encourage you to think about why you study as hard as you do and use it as fuel. For example, when I become a licensed physician, the image that constantly rewinds in my head is the one of me roaming the country to lecture the next generation of physicians on how to efficiently install the SCS system in a patient’s upper buttock region for pain management. I plan to go to schools, vividly explaining and teaching up and coming medical students in an attempt to further the advancement of medicine.

 Simple, but essential mind processes like the one above can push you past your dreadful mornings or late nights. Although that may seem much to some, that’s my way of motivating myself. The point of imagination is to play visuals in your head, each consisting of personal goals and achievements you would like to surpass. Again, ask yourself why you spend 8 hours at the library studying the mechanism of a carboxylic acid converting into an amide and try to focus on the bigger picture. Everything you’re doing now has a purpose that will be applicable when you least expect it. No matter what you may believe, how you carry yourself today, how you handle your emotions, your passions, your ambitions, all intersect to form the individual you strive to be.

So, next time it’s raining on a Sunday morning, don’t get up. Sit in bed for an hour and try to visualize yourself doing something spectacular. As weird or nutty as it may seem, you’ll realize the effect it has on your academic success.

My last note to you is this: everyone has a destined path. Use imagination as a blanket, as a way to comfort yourself into knowing that all of the hard work you import now will aid in you having a meaningful, balanced life later.