What if Mark Zuckerberg were a premed student in college? Would the world of medicine be different because of a service or product dreamt up by the very same guy who revolutionized the world of social networking as we know it? Guess we’ll never know what could have become of a prodigy like Zuckerberg in the medical arena but as it turns out there are – and will continue to be – Mark Zuckerberg’s of the medicine and science – they’re called physician entrepreneurs.
From iPhone ECG’s and EZ Vein (a device designed to help medical professionals more easily insert an IV catheter into patients during a crisis situation) to   private practice startups and innovative health care management system development, more and more doctors are taking on  he role of entrepreneur to fill a void or improve some aspect of the medical and scientific worlds.Today, an increasing number of students are bulking up their medical education with a joint MD/MBA degree. The number of  medical students turning to dual-degree MD/MBA programs to prepare them for taking on entrepreneurial roles continues to rise and the interest for  programs that offer students to pursue the business side of medicine is steadily growing. Whether it’s to get a better grasp around the business side of medicine or if it’s to prepare for developing their own ventures, students can now choose from 65 MD/MBA programs across the US, according to the most recent numbers from the Association of MD/MBA programs (AMMP).

The following is a list of MD/MBA programs – but not just any programs. Among the schools listed you’ll find those which not only offer a medical degree but that have joined with some of the most notable and distinguished business school programs in the country. From recognized entrepreneurial centers and special conferences to curriculum specializations in entrepreneurship and business plan competitions, the following schools made our list of top schools if you’re thinking about becoming a physician entrepreneur.