The Chinese New Year of the Sheep, which begins on February 19th, will bring calmness. It is important that with the dawn of this new cycle, you remember the old adage to “work smarter, not harder” when it comes to pursuing your medical school dreams. Whether or not you believe in the wisdom surrounding the traditions of the Chinese New Year, it won’t hurt to adopt them. In order to this this and make the year that which bring about success, you’ll need to follow a few “rules” to help you create a calm environment inside and out for the coming New Year. And what better way to do this than by way of Feng Shui.

Feng shui is all about improving the flow of energy through your personal space. Although you may find it difficult to arrange your items in a small space of your dorm room, it is possible. From the way you position your desk to the color of your sheets, there are many ways you can make your dorm room space feng shui-friendly.


Although you are probably allowed to change the color of the paint on your dorm room wall, you can accessorize . Most feng shui designers advise against using muted tones of soft browns or yellows because they can “slow” energies that surround you. Use greens to encourage growth, prosperity, clear-mindedness, and energy. Reds represent energy, fame, and reputation. White, Grey, and Metallic colors are used for intelligence and learning. Lastly, Blues and Blacks are suggested colors for personal wisdom and career.


When you’re in a small space like a dorm room, your options for decorating and organizing are limited. So this means that you’ll have to pay attention to the key items in you space. One important area in your room is you desk. To promote knowledge, keep dictionaries and other reference books at the left side of your desk. Keep the cords underneath your desk untangled because tangled cords can inhibit the flow of chi.. You may also want to make sure that your desk is always organized. Keeping a neat desk will help you stay focused and relaxed as you study.. And don’t forget to neatly stack your papers when your finished studying because clutter breeds clutter.


One of the most recommended changes for anyone who wants to improve the “vibes” in their space has to do with sleeping. Many designers suggest not placing the foot of your bed so that it directly faces the door. This is known as the death position. If you have no control over how your bed is positioned then see if you can place something between your bed and the door. And if you can put the headboard(if you even have that luxury) up against a sturdy wall, this makes for an even better aura. You may also want to keep mirrors away from the bed as this can take energy away from you when you are sleeping. Although you’ll be surrounded by plenty of books in your room, try not to place them so that they are facing your body or head as you sleep. According to feng shui beliefs, books are considered cutting instruments as they can “cut” into your sleep as your mind and body are recharging. And speaking of interrupting your sleep, plants should also be kept away from the head or foot of your bed to avoid taking chi from you. Lastly, one very important feng shui recommendation is to keep the computer away from your head. Keep the bottom of your bed free from clutter to erase any blockade to the flow of energy. The worst kind of mess you could have stashed away under your bed is frustrating school papers, or class related jumbles. These items only aggravate your mental poise.


Many people who are trying to feng shui their space focus on the five elements: water, fire, wood, metal and earth. You can use plants, flowers, stripes, or photos of trees to represent wood which represents personal growth. For fire you can use lamps, images of summer, and triangles. Fire represents the idea of expansion and transformation of life. Now when you want to bring the Earth into your space, you can use stones and square-shaped objects in. These will help you represent the slowing and grounding energy of earth. Gold, silver, or brass can be used for metal which represents creativity and intelligence. Finally, for water, you can use glass or mirrors to send out vibes of renewal and personal wisdom. If you’re allowed to have a small water fountain in your room this can be used as well.