Medicine is one of those professions that people try and talk you out of pursuing. It is kind of like the lottery because the likelihood that you will become a doctor is low so people think that it is okay to tell you not to pursue Medicine. Other premed students will also tell you not to pursue Medicine because for some reason, some premeds like feeling that they are exclusive and by pushing more people out of the exclusive club it makes them feel better about themselves. Do not let these things bring you down and make you change your mind if Medicine is what you really want to do.

This is especially true when you make a mistake or fail at something. Everyone naturally assumes that those who go into Medicine are perfect at everything that they do and if for some reason you have made a mistake then you cannot even think about going to medical school. Medicine is actually a lot more forgiving than most think that it is. Just remember that when you fall down from a mistake that is when people will scramble away but this does not mean that you give up on your struggle. People like to go after other people who are succeeding and people usually do not surround and support those who are failing. This means that if you are struggling, failing, or a combination of both know that you will need to find the resilience in yourself to push on. Search for motivation in those people who you know will motivate you to push through such as your close friends and family members. So many of us on this path to Medicine have once, twice, or too many times deviated from the path to Medicine but at the end of the day all that matters is finding our way back to the path.

Your advisers may tell you to think of other options as a career especially when you are not doing as well and although this is not what you want to hear, a part of pushing towards your dream of Medicine is being cautious and having a back up plan if Medicine does not work. Thinking of a secondary plan does not count as allowing yourself to be intimidated.

Medicine is in so many ways similar to every other profession and requires a lot of hard work as do other professions. Part of your hard work includes putting time and effort into your self to make sure that you remain confident and strong. Medicine can be as much a mental game as it is hard work so it is important to keep that in the back of your mind.

“Keep strong and do not give up” – wise words from my high school senior Chemistry teacher after I told him I was going to be a premed. I pass those words along to you but add “keep your head up” even when so many others will try telling you to put your head down.