MCAT studying is literally the worst…there is no doubt about that. This is why it is important to be 100% real with yourself and understand what are your limitations and what you can do to make sure you overcome your limitations studying for the MCAT. 

The best advice that anyone gave to me when I was studying for the MCAT was imagine that you walk into the test and it is your worst nightmare come true. I asked what do you mean by that? They said imagine you start taking the test and the whole test is full of questions on your weakest topics. The reason this was such great advice is because if we prepare for the MCAT as if it had all of our weakest topics then we would be very well prepared. We all enjoy learning things that we sort of already know about and adding more foundation to that stuff and not focusing as much on the things we do not know as much about. For this reason, we overlook big categories/topics because we just do not like the topic. However, many times we do not like that topic because we just do not know it very well. 

So change up your MCAT studying and make sure that you spend enough time focusing on topics that you know you are not good at it. If you want to counter my argument and say that you have no idea what are your weak subjects then let me tell you how. Take a practice test! You should have already taken a practice test when you started your MCAT studying saga so you can use the results of that to pinpoint weak subjects. What I did was, every time that I took a practice test, I would right down on a piece of paper five to ten big topics that I had scored poorly on. I would put that piece of paper above my desk and pick one topic every other day to focus an hour of my day on those topics. Then the next time I took a practice test I would not do as poorly on those topics however if I still continued to do poorly on those topics then I would spend even more time because that would mean this is a topic that could really screw me over on the actual exam.