We all look back and think about certain things we wish we could have done differently; whether it is after the end of a semester, year, job, or undergraduate career. Sometimes when I think about it, I think about how differently I could have done certain things and how much better they would have turned out.

Work Efficiently

For the first two years of undergrad, I wish that I could have worked harder. Although at the time I did not feel like I could work harder but I definitely could have worked more efficiently. I spent a lot of time in the beginning memorizing information rather than actually learning it which was a big drawback for me. I would forget all of the information by the time I started taking my next class. This is something I would recommend not doing because the MCAT will test you on all of these topics. If you take the time to understand it well the first time then it will make MCAT studying easier for you because you will have laid down the foundation for it.


Another thing that I wish I could have changed would include being more organized and using my time more effectively. Organization and planning ahead can help to get rid of anxiety that can arise and cause you to be distracted from your studying. In high school, we were all given a planner to write down our homework assignments and due dates and this always helped me stay really organized. I actually missed doing this in undergrad because there were times when I mixed up a due date for a lab because I was relying on my memory rather than having due dates written down.

Time Management

Time management is one of those things everybody wishes they were better at. After the fact, we can think of many ways we could have used our time better. The best thing to do about this is to be a little more proactive. Think of all the times that you were able to have a really good study day and what you might have done in order to cause yourself to have that good day. For me, environment plays a big role because if people around me are just sitting around watching Netflix then it is easier for me to become lazy. Some of my best study days happen when I get my favorite cup of coffee and head to a specific spot in the library where the sun shines perfectly on me. It feels so wonderful when the sun is on me although many of my classmates have said this puts them to sleep. For me, it does the opposite, it motivates me to get my work done. So the next time you are trying to figure out how to have a really good study day think about all the other times when you had good study days and try to copy what you did last time.