You have been at the hospital since 5am. You rounded on all of your patients and talked to the doctor. There was one delivery in the morning but now it is almost 3pm and you have not seen a delivery since 7am. You are waiting and waiting because you want something to happen so that you can help.

A mother walks into Labor and Delivery and she is in active labor. You get excited because this action is what draws you to the field of Ob/Gyn. The mother gets settled in the room and you go in to talk to her to gather the history. After, you find the doctor and let her know what is going on. The doctor tells you to help the patient push through her contractions. You are there with the nurse and the patient and you are motivating the patient to push through her contractions.

This goes on for two hours. And then the mother gives up on pushing and says that she cannot do it anymore. I let her relax and tell her to take a break and skip pushing during the next set of contractions. She starts crying saying that she is a terrible mother for not being able to push her baby out. I sit down next to the patient and talk to her about how far she has come. She has spent almost 9 months and if she pushes a little harder, she will have her baby girl in her arms. She pushes for 10 more minutes and delivers.

Completing your application for medical school is a big pain and everyone knows they are. Sometimes when you are at the end of writing your applications, you get frustrated and are tired of working on them. You are so close to the end and you know you are.

Giving up at the end of the journey will not get you to your goal. It is important to realize all of the things you have already done in preparation to apply for medical school: taking premed classes, extracurricular activities, research, taking the MCAT, and so much more. The application is the cherry on the top and is just like when a woman is pushing through her contractions. It is not a fun process but the end goal, a baby or medical school acceptance, is truly worth it. If you have hit a brick wall, step back, take a break, and don’t push through the contraction, take a minute to review everything you have done for this one goal. Once you regain your confidence again, dive back into your application and finish it strong.