As a premedical student you are inundated with class after class – Biology to Biology lab, Orgo lab, and Calculus.  And who can forget Biochemistry 101?  You may think the constant trudging between large lecture halls never ends.  The good news is, it does!  Upon entering medical school, your first two years are a lot like your college years.  You will take basic science classes, attend lectures and take tests in order to learn what you need to know for your third and fourth year, which are known as the “Ward” years. Everyone looks forward to them – finally, real patients, real procedures!  These years are the reason you went into medicine.  While you are still in school (and paying for it), you now will be functioning more like a real member of working society.  However, while sitting in Organic Chemistry II, these years may seem far off and even intimidating.  But have no fear! Mike Fraizer, a graduate of UCLA Medical School, provides an in-depth look at what to expect and how to excel during your third year.