Sometimes it is nice to know that others have experienced the same type of problem as you have because then it helps you get through the problem. I remember feeling like I was the only one who could experience these problems and that made me feel like I was not cut out to do medicine.

Ask Those Around You For Help

It is easy to feel confused about which classes to take, when to take them, how to study for classes, and how to do well in them. One of my first exams in biology went terribly and I felt so overwhelmed because it seemed as if all of my friends had aced the test. Instead of keeping to myself and getting overwhelmed, I should have just asked one of my friends how she studied so that I could try out her method. It is hard being a premed and having premed friends because a lot of times premeds are intense but try and find a group of people that are not intense to surround yourself with. Having a good group of friends who you can ask for help will not only be helpful when studying, but you can go to them for advice when you are struggling.

Feel Really Confused About Scheduling The MCAT

This was one of those times when I felt like I had talked to a bunch of different people to get their opinions but I still did not feel confident about my decision. In retrospect, I would have tried to seek out an older premed student or even a medical student to help me talk through this. The reason I suggest this is because hindsight really is 20/20 and students that have already done something like take the MCAT, are able to think about how they would change what they did and are able to give you great advice. I wish I would have made more of an effort to have this type of a connection with someone because I think it would have been super helpful. It probably would have also helped with any anxiety that would arise when not knowing how to make big decisions.

Where To Apply For Medical School

It is hard to decide which schools to apply to. The first thing to look at is always the average MCAT score and making sure that you are pretty close to the average. I applied to about 20 schools and I know a bunch of students who also thought this was a good number to apply to. From the 20 schools, I tried to apply to about 15 that I felt I would be a good match for because of comparable MCAT scores. And then there were about 5 schools that had MCAT scores higher than mine but I figured it would not hurt to try. Your MCAT score should not be the only factor you use to decide where to apply. Geographical location is something to consider as well. I wanted to be close enough to my hometown so that I could visit home whenever I wanted. I know others wanted to be in a warm climate and applied in the Southern region of the US. So basically, come up with a couple of criteria that are important to you and then find about 20 schools that match that criteria to apply to.