Jasmine Johnson is currently a second year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine. She gives us a peek into what she calls her “fabulous (but crazy) life.” Written a few weeks before starting her second year at IUSM, Jasmine shares what her day was like a few months ago in her second semester as a first year medical student.
6:30AM:  Wake up (maybe) just in time to barely watch the hubby run out to his truck for work. But, if this is one of those instances where I just hit “snooze” (historically, it is) and roll over, I might not see him for the first time until dinner.
7:00AM: Get up and quietly get dressed before it is time to get the little one up. This is the most efficient strategy otherwise everything takes an additional 10 minutes…
7:15AM: (Yes, 15 minutes later seriously, I should spend more time on myself, but us moms are so self sacrificing. Combine that with a medical student’s choosing comfort over fashion for a day of lectures, and voila!) Wake up my son (he’s 2, and so much fun, but not in the morning LOL). Somehow I have to turn his crying for bed into excitement for school – this is usually accomplished with cheers for waffles and the help of the programming on PBS Kids.7:40AM: Move to the kitchen to fix a quick breakfast and pack lunches for the little one and I. I usually pace our progress based on the morning show that Nate is watching. I tell myself “We have to be out the door before Clifford the Big Red Dog goes off” – whatever works, right?

8:00AM (i.e. while Clifford’s credits roll): We’re out the door and on the way to daycare.

8:08AM: Walk Nate to his classroom and leave after a big kiss and hug.

8:15AM: Back on the road to campus for class.

8:35AM: Park. Go get coffee – this is only if I don’t bring some from home, but some mornings require espresso…

9:00AM: Physiology Lecture. In one semester we covered all of the body systems – muscular, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, reproductive, etc. Not much else to say about that…haha

10:00AM: Microbiology Lecture. This class is pretty cool (and gross) because it’s about all the infectious bugs, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc., their clinical presentations, and basics on how to treat. It also makes you think twice about walking around outside barefoot (think tapeworm), eating pork (think trichinosis), and interacting with armadillos (think leprosy).

11:00AM: Physiology Lecture. No, this is not a typo. One physiology lecture per day is not enough for our voracious medical student brains :SIGH:

12:00PM: Lunch. Pending the unpredictable Indiana weather, we might be able to spend some of our break outside in the sunshine like those in the real world 😉

1:00PM: ICM Lecture. Introduction to Clinical Medicine is a yearlong course in how we as clinicians relate to different patient populations. In addition to learning how to take a complete history, we had regular lectures on different areas of medicine – such as geriatrics, pain management, or public health.

2:00PM: Histology Lecture and Lab. After a semester of anatomy (sort of like macro histology), we now got the chance to see things on a microscopic level. Lecture consists of the professor going through pre-made notes that we had to fill in. In lab, we have a chance to look at the slides at our own microscopes and ask our professors any questions that may arise.

4:00PM: Depending on the day or if an exam block was soon, I might stay at the library and study. The hubby is responsible for daycare pick-up (and usually dinner, too) so this frees me up to efficiently take care of school stuff until I go home (which would be around 7 at the latest).

7:00PM: Dinner. Spend time with the family and start getting the little one ready for bed.

9:00PM: Do anything I have to do to get ready for the next day – for example, while taking anatomy I would preview lectures by watching what was posted the year before. There is usually some TV watching scattered in there depending on the day…

11:00PM (12 at the latest): DIVE into bed.

Jasmine Johnson graduated from to the University of Michigan in 2009, and is currently a second year medical student
at Indiana University School of Medicine. Jasmine is a student blogger for IUSM, and you can read more about her life as  a wife, mommy, and medical student at www.mrsmommymd.com.