Imagine yourself in a shark tank with a paper cut. Your chances of survival by just being in the tank? Slim to none. Your chances of survival with the smell of fresh blood piercing the crystal waters? Lol. Let’s not even go there. This is what it is like to take classes with pre-meds. Calm down, I’m not pointing fingers at every pre-med out there. I’m just highlighting the mindset of a typical pre-med in our generation. I’ve seen individual’s withhold test information and study guides from their peers just so that they will have that small advantage over others when taking an exam. Even worse, I’ve seen students tell others false information about what is going to be on the test to ensure their failure. I find it ruthless and sick that these people are going to be our country’s healers.

Physicians collaborate with their fellow peers on a patient’s diagnosis. Physicians work with other medical professionals to conduct research experiments. Physicians work together to save lives- they are not alone. They do not act selfishly and arrogantly by handling a patients medical concerns when advice is needed. These are human lives on the line. It’s not a gambling game. Pre-meds need to learn that helping their peers succeed is a quality of an excellent physician. So do your part in helping other pre-meds make it to the finish line rather than trying to make them trip and fall just so you can get ahead.