Pre-med students often face difficult situations that may steer them from the path of medicine. Just a single difficult concept in General Chemistry may deter some from their pre-med goals. People will look you over and question your ability to handle the workload. None of this matters in the long run. Do not let anything get in the way of your goals. Don’t let one failure or what others say bring you down. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first television job as an anchor. Walt disney was fired by a newspaper editor due to “lack of imagination.” If they had stopped after one failure, imagine the amount of talent that would have gone to waste. What is stopping you from being a 21st century Walt Disney? Life will throw its punches. It is our responsibility to roll with them.

No one is defined by one failure. One undesirable exam grade does not give you a reason to give up. Flori Corpodean-Senior at knox college hoping to attend George Washington Medical School in the year 2016 said,”While I can’t say for sure how medical school will go for me, I have since learned that one grade isn’t going to define who I am. Everyone struggles from time to time; it’s completely normal, but focusing on the big picture is what’s important.” One grade will not determine your life, in the same way that comparisons to others will not.

In terms of competition, Theresa Kunnel at Loyola University at Chicago makes a great point in saying that “[Competition] can be discouraging in the sense that someone out there will always have a better GPA, a better list of extracurricular activities, a better MCAT score, etc. For me, overcoming these comparisons is probably the most difficult task. To combat it, I constantly try and remind myself what makes me a unique applicant and future doctor. There’s no one out there that can offer the medical field exactly what I can, and this helps ease any fears I have.”

Life will make all contemplate as to whether or not they have chosen the correct career path, the correct major, and the like. You will experience failure, sadness, doubt, and the like. Letting that define you is the mistake. To quote Michael Jordan “I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” To think everyone is successful on their first try is a sign of pure ignorance. Joy Kannookaden, a highly motivated individual at Knox College said, “Never give up. Seriously. This is one of the hardest things to say and do because there are some times where I’ve seriously contemplated I picked the wrong career. One just has to stick with it, because it’s a test for the strong and weeds out the weak.” That strength, that resilience is what sets pre-med students apart. Everyone has what it takes to be successful, regardless of how many times they fail in life.