We’ve all heard about it. Organic Chemistry, our first major hurdle. Calculus was a cakewalk, physics for those of us who took it could be done with collaboration and some teamwork, but the dreaded Organic Chemistry seems to take the cake for the greatest weed out course in pre – med.

No single person could give good advice about how to approach it except to work hard and learn from our mistakes. It doesn’t really put a person at ease to know that many pre meds have passed through it despite the struggle. But while no good advice really takes the full blow from its reputation, allow some veterans to share the greatest wisdom we ever came across:

That summer before Orgo? Get a tutor. Sure, two-thousand dollars is worth a vacation, and probably some would think that we ought to spend the vacation behind a difficult semester relaxing, but we could probably take some advice from our past selves when we were taking the SAT.

When we started studying for the SAT, we no doubt realized that with enough time, we could have possibly raised our score by at least 300 points, but unfortunately, the stress of High School Life, the distractions and the lack of discipline that comes from being in the midst of a hormonal spurt hurt our chances. Now, older and hopefully a little wiser, we at least know that the Early Bird gets the worm – if he can stay flying before the sun comes up.

The problem with studying in the summer as many would point out is: we are studying in the summer. Studying doesn’t really come with willingness, and studying at a time when we want to relax, will no doubt be met with jaded exhaustion and half hearted attempts if not flat out dread and surrender. So there really is only one way to go through it: we need a tutor.

According to many test taker companies, children who self study tend to increase their score, until it “plateaus”. This is due to a combination of factors including the child’s own shortcomings and the obvious lack of benefit of a guiding hand from veterans. Of course, that would only be partly the child’s fault, but nevertheless, if there is one thing we all heard about studying for Orgo its “learn form your mistakes”.

So we should learn from ours while studying for the SAT. Study in the summer with someone who can not only help you better than you can help yourself, but also someone who was in your footsteps and more experienced to keep you motivated.