A mission is a calling or an intuitive assignment. A mission is meant to be carried out for the good of others.

A mission is meant to be carried out not only for the good of the underprivileged, but the good of the privileged as well.

The purpose of a mission is not only to serve others, but to serve oneself.

Fulfilling a mission mends the heart, elucidates the soul, and redirects the mind. It strengths the hands and elevates the body. It issues confidence and a unique joy.

Everyone has a mission. Some are intuitive while others are meant to derail good things. Some are necessary while others are not meaningful.

A mission is not a work that should be done for humanly appraisal. A mission is a work that should be done to fulfill a calling.

So what is your calling? What is your mission? What assignment have you been given?

As a physician, my mission is to bring healing to those in need.
As a health care provider, my mission is to give hope to those without it.
As a clinician, my mission is to discover the truth.
As a research scientist, my mission to make the impossible possible.
As a minority, my mission is to bring awareness to the majority.
As a minority, my mission is also to pave the right path for others to follow.
As a student, my mission is to exercise my knowledge for knowledge is power.
As a rising professional, my mission is to prepare myself for the change I seek to bring to the world.
As a human being, my mission is to have respect for others.
As an inspiration, my mission is simply to inspire others.
As a spiritual vessel, my mission is to spread love everywhere I go.
As I am, myself, a person with life, my mission is, as is all mankind, is to make life meaningful.