Whether or not you were marching this past week or getting your Trump on, the presidential campaign, election, and inauguration are hotly debated topics that will and could come up on your interviews for medical school. Although the end of January might seem too late to interview, that is not true at all as many people still interview up until the end of February. So if you are one of these people, keep in mind that political questions are fair game during interviews. Personally I do not believe in asking people about their political views because I think it is a very sensitive topic that can lead to biased thoughts. But remember the point of med school interviews are not to make you squirm but actually to see how you would react to a difficult question and see if you would squirm or not.
So just know this when asked a political question, the only right way to answer a political question is… to be political. It is very hard to figure out someone’s political views and then try and mimic their views so that you can impress them. This is why it is best to just not do that and have an unbiased answer ready for this reason. The best thing to do is to tie it back to something that you know is important to both you and the interviewer. It takes a mature person to overlook the small details and think about the bigger picture. No one is asking you to compromise your feelings and beliefs, all that I am saying is that sometimes it is best to not say too much so as not to offend someone else’s beliefs also.
Some hot shot might ask “well what is the point of all of this if you cannot be yourself?” It is very important for you to be yourself but that does not mean you need to vocalize all of your opinions. Vocalize your opinions about your future, your background, the importance of medicine, etc. This is not the time to lay out the political card and pray that your card matches your interviewer’s card.
Also, I can almost guarantee that your interviewer is not asking you these questions because he/she actually cares about your response but to see if you can be easily alarmed. So if you go on an interview and are asked a very difficult question, try not to get too worried and just answer to the best of your ability in a confident and inquisitive manner.