We’ve all been there. Applying to colleges saying we are premed and getting that smirk suggesting “ya sure haven’t heard that before.” We’ve all heard the numbers- 80% drop. We’ve all taken the so called “weed-out” classes. However, we are all still here, on the same track to some sort of health profession.

Clearly something is drawing us towards medicine through every all nighter. The issue is reviving that purpose and sense of motivation. It becomes so easy to loose the eagerness with which we enter college. I personally know I have multiple times. However, after six semesters, I can finally say that getting that drive back should be as much of a priority as getting “the perfect GPA”

First we need to keep perspective. Remember that the “C” in biochemistry means just about as much as you being president of your high school class- aka nothing. Focus on the real stuff.

You are in college only once. I’m not saying go out every night but rather go all out in everything you do. Join that club, rush that sorority, and audition for that accapella group. Do what you are passionate about aside from medicine. THEN, once your passion for medicine will fall in place again.

Right now, we are all stuck in a place of dropping clubs and lowering work hours to focus on grades and MCAT and anything and everything to get into Medical school. When I type it out it even looks crazy. How can a student like this survive? How many times have you told someone you cannot attend some even because you have to study and you’re premed? Admit it, we’re all guilty. However, you need a break, you need a social life, and you need fun. So, don’t let “premed” define your college experience, just let it be a part of it.