If you are being given the chance to interview, it means that the school already likes you as an applicant and wants to make sure that what they see on paper translates into a real human being. They are not really expecting for you to blow them out of the water but want to see the compassionate, intelligent, and caring person that you are… which you are.


Since we feel like we are in the hot seat, it is easy to forget that we are allowed to ask our interviewers questions about themselves and how they came to the decision to pursue whichever field they are in. Usually when you meet someone for the first time there is a back-and-forth of questions so that both parties can learn more about each other. An interview on some level should be about engaging your interviewer in the experience as well and not just answering questions but asking thoughtful ones. This will leave a mark on your interviewer because people enjoy participating in conversations rather than just a plain interview where questions are directed in one-way. Do not be shy to take the initiative to do this.


Many times you get to interview in an interviewer’s office and it is important that while you are paying attention to the questions to also take in your surroundings. Sometimes the interviewer’s office will give you clues as to what kinds of things he/she is interested in, which could very well be things you are also interested in. Driving the conversation towards mutual interests/activities will make your encounter more meaningful because not only will you relax while you are talking but your interviewer will open up more also.


It is easy to get nervous and forget to smile enough. Often I will see applicants have a worried look plastered on their face even though they do not have anything to worry about. A smile will go a very long way because it shows your interviewer that you are engaged and excited about where you are. Even if you are nervous, try not to worry about it because no one comes to an interview not feeling nervous. Just make sure that your nerves are not being highlighted and that your excitement for the school shines through.