Now that the weather is changing from Winter to Spring (maybe not in all parts of the world) it is harder to stay focused on schoolwork especially when you can hear the birds chirping and your friends making plans to hang out. I remember this being one of my least productive times during my undergraduate years because it was so difficult to say no to fun activities.

Plan Ahead

If you know that the weather is going to be nice a certain day or if your friends are planning to do something fun, make a list of things you want to get done before you let yourself have fun. If that means getting up earlier than your first class, then do that. I know some of us are not early birds so if getting up early is not something you can do, then the time between getting done with classes and the fun activity you want to do is precious time for you. Make sure you are making full use of these kinds of breaks. For example, if a class ends early and you have an hour in between classes, don’t waste this time and make full use of it by finding a place to get some studying in.

I remember having to spend a lot of time at night and then going to bed really late to get stuff done. But many times I would just push off the work to the next day and then I was perpetually behind on all of my work. Basically, if you want to stay on top of your schoolwork but also enjoy the beautiful weather, try and plan ahead.

Know Your Limits

For me, when I start the day doing fun things sometimes it is hard for me to stay in the rest of the day because it feels like the day has already been wasted. I remember College Football game days were big time suckers for me. You would go to a tailgate game and then attend the game and it was natural to want to hang out with your friends for the rest of the evening. With days like these, I would tell myself that I needed to compromise between participating in fun things and studying. I would decide to go to a tailgate later than everyone else or maybe leave the game at halftime to get some solid studying in. Make sure you actively think about the things you need to do because unfortunately no one else will do that for you.