Over here at Premedlife we are big fans of TEDTalks and chances are you are too! They are loaded with thought-provoking wisdom from beginning to end. They are motivational, inspirational, and relevant in some any ways that can help pre-meds become better students and ultimately provide insight to help drive your aspiration of becoming practicing medicine. For the soon-to-be doctors, they help you push beyond though places, believe in yourself a little bit more, and drive you to be the best pre-med you can possibly be.
However, searching through all of those talks for just the right talk on personal development is a tasks no one would probably want to do, especially if you’re a busy student. That’s why we’ve complied this list of awesome TEDTalks, which we think every premed should watch. And all of them are under six minutes, so there’s no excuse.
  1. David Brooks: Should You Live For Your Resume…or Your Eulogy?
    By sharing with the audience the writings of Joseph Soloveichik on the two sides of our natures, New York Times columnist David Brooks explores whether or not we can balance the self who craves success (a great resume) and the self who seeks connection (a great ecology). Premed students need to think about this as they embark on the journey to medical school and how the depth of their character plays a role in being a great physician.
  2. Richard St. John: 8 Secrets of Success
    He’s spent over 30 years learning about success and the  factors he attributes his success to can be applied to your pre-med and medical school journey. From having passion and putting in the work to improving and being persistent, Richard St. John’s TEDTalk will get you thinking about what you need to become and remain successful during your pursue to a career in medicine.
  3. Kid President: I Think We All Need a Pep Talk
    OMG, this kid inspired us from the moment he opened his mouth. As a premed, there’s never a moment when you couldn’t use a good pep talk about staying focused and pushing forward. Kid President’s pep talk is perfect for premeds because while the messages he relays are simple and you may have heard the before, the cute voice of a 9-year old just makes it that much more powerful for some reason.
  4. Faith Jegede: What I’ve Learned From My Autistic Brothers
    Faith Jegede has a wonderful way with words. Her childhood experiences have shaped her thoughts and the way she sees things. In additional to the deeply moving way she talks about her brothers and autism, Jegede leaves the audience with powerful words of encouragement to be unique and who we are – an important notion for anyone applying to medical school.
  5. Arianna Huffington: How to Succeed? Get More Sleep.
    We know, you’re probably asking yourself, why would we even suggest that students pursuing admission to medical school get more sleep. In the minds of pre-meds, the chance of getting more sleep with the full schedule that comes with being pre-med, is so far fetched. But in her talk Arianna Huffington has a few good points and jokingly suggests “sleeping your way to the top.” In the end, Arianna drives home the point of the power of getting a good night’s sleep. Please don’t pass this one by, seriously! It’s important to start now with the positive habit and try to get a little more sleep than what you’re getting now.
  6. Derek Sivers: Keep Your Goals To Yourself
    Entrepreneur Derek Sivers shares some data, facts, and insights behind making and achieving goals. A perfect talk for the pre-med student, the path to gaining admission to medical school involves the sum of many smaller goals to achieve the biggest goal – getting into medical school.
  7. Matthew Childs: 9 Life Lessons From Rock Climbing
    Veteran rock climber Matthew Childs shares with the audience the nine rules of rock climbing that he’s learned after 35 years. The rules he imparts also double as life lessons and are quite fitting for pre-meds as well.