Now more than ever, social media is becoming a powerful tool for how schools are communicating with students. So took to the Web to take a look at on how socially active medical schools across the U.S. are. We wanted to see how schools did when it came to interacting and engaging their audience  on Twitter and Facebook. And while some schools on our list may not have an impressive number of followers and fans, they still reach out regardless of if they have 10 or 10,000 followers. So, here’s our list of the medical schools that are making the best use of social media.>>>
University  of Michigan Medical School
T: @UMichMedAdmiss | F: UniversityofMichiganMedicalSchool
The admissions team at the University of Michigan’s Medical School is on the ball with sharing what seems like the play-by-play activities inside their office. On Twitter, they provide updates about their interview process to links to information for pre-meds about research programs. The social media crew at this school is at the top of our list for interacting and engaging prospective applicants through its presence on social media.Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Twitter: @CaseMedAdmiss | Facebook: Case-Western-Reserve-University-School-of-Medicine
The social media team at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine shares plenty of information with its audience – from admissions updates and admission tips to links to resources for a successful admissions interview. On Twitter, you can follow as the school’s Associate Dean and Director of Admissions provides admissions updates, application tips, and cool local news.

University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Twitter: @UCPritzker | Facebook: UofCPritzkerSchoolOfMedicine
From direct responses to questions from followers to advice and tips for a successful medical interview, the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine shares a wealth of information. Wonderful photos of students, faculty, and the campus fill its Facebook page, which adds a nice personal touch to connect with prospective applicants.

Ohio State College of Medicine
Twitter: @ohiostatemed | Facebook: OhioStateMed
Ohio State College of Medicine keeps prospective applicants in the loop on many things including, links to admissions videos to updates on its interview seasons. The school also gives prospective applicants some insight into what student life is like by sharing information about events their current students are attending.

Stanford University School of Medicine
Twitter: @sumedicine | Facebook: stanfordmedicine
With over 20,000 followers on Twitter and over 11,000 fans on Facebook, its no surprise that Stanford University School of Medicine would be providing information useful and interesting to prospective students. The way the school provides links to stories profiling its medical students or results from a research study on its Facebook page is a nice way to stay updated about the school. And on their Twitter page, the school shares tons of information on many different topics. Prospective applicants can learn about different aspects of the school’s curriculum, links to student’s experiences, and much more.

The Commonwealth Medical College
Twitter: @tcmcnepa | Facebook: TCMCnepa
In a not too much, not too little kind of way, the Commonwealth Medical College does a good job at sharing tidbits of information about the school’s happenings. The school’s Facebook page is a nice compliment to its Twitter feed, with photos of the campus and students, and event reminders.

University of Texas Medical School – Houston
Twitter: @utmedschool | Facebook: utmedschool
For prospective applicants, the University of Texas at Houston Medical School’s social media accounts are a great way to stay updated and informed about everything you need to know about admissions to the school. They’ll tweet about their interviews and remind applicants about what they should be doing to prepare their application. While the school’s Facebook page is more of a general place for information about the school, it is a nice way to see what goes on there.

University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix
Twitter: @UACOM_Phoenix | Facebook: University-of-Arizona-College-of-Medicine-Phoenix

The University of Arizona College of Medicine’s twitter page offers prospective applicants an opportunity to stay informed and updated about the school’s admissions and recruitment activity. They’ll let students know about changes to requirements, the number of applications they have received, give interview tips, and more!

University of Florida College of Medicine
Twitter: @UFMedicine | Facebook: UFHealth

Despite its description, the University of Florida College of Medicine shares more than news about the college of medicine and gives its audience a nice mix of student stories, campus activities, and resources for prospective applicants.

This article was featured in September/October issue of PreMedLife magazine.