Just a couple of days ago, a random dress from a wedding in Scotland went completely and utterly viral. It wasn’t just social media that was anxious to discuss the colors of the dress but celebrities, government officials, and even CNN have been on the forefront of this discussion. It seems the world has become a captive of this discussion and it has gone to the extent of visual professionals explaining why certain people see the dress as blue and black or white and gold. How does this obviously white and gold dress shed light on medical school interviews?


Eye of the Beholder

Millions of people have looked at this dress and each person that takes a look at it sees it differently from another person. No matter how you manipulate the dress or have someone else explain it to you, you still feel like the dress is white and gold. This is an important lesson for you when heading off to medical school interviews. There will be interviewers who you instantly click with and there will be other interviewers that you feel really did not like you. You can’t change the way they feel about you because that is just how they perceive you. They see white and gold and maybe don’t like white and gold and you can’t change the way they feel. But you can make sure the white and gold they see is the best version of it. Just because an interviewer sees you as white and gold and you want him/her to see you as blue and black does not mean that you won’t be appreciated even as white and gold. Don’t worry about that too much, just make sure that you do your best and be yourself.

Don’t Worry About the Small Details

That dress is beautiful and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter which colors are seen because holistically it is a great dress. Same goes for you. Yes there are imperfections about you as a medical school applicant whether it is in your application, GPA, MCAT score, or interviewing skills but that does not mean you won’t be able to impress your interviewer. You can have small slip ups but in the end if you are a great package, the small details won’t matter. Don’t forget the bigger picture… the reason you want to go to medical school. Let that passion and desire to pursue medicine show and the small details will either not matter or simply disappear.